Recertification/Lease Renewal


What is Recertification and How To Prepare For It

Recertification is a process to renew a lease and is a program requirement of subsidized housing. Each tenant is recertified on an annual basis.   Failure to comply and provide the necessary documentation could result in termination of a lease.

The recertification process is done, three (3) months prior to the anniversary or actual renewal date.  Appointments are scheduled in advance with the Housing Coordinator, for one (1) hour each.

You will receive a letter with a scheduled appointment and a list of documentation that must be submitted, which can include an update of your income, assets and medical expenses. Any forms that are enclosed with your letter need to be completed and brought to your appointment. Each file will then be reviewed, documentation verified and your rent recalculated.  All tenants will sign a new Amendment each year.

It is important that you keep your appointment, even if all your information is not in by the appointment date.  Additional documentation may be mailed or dropped off at a later date.

In search of housing in the Town of Vernon?

The waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is currently CLOSED. However, we are accepting applications for the Public Housing Program and the Pitkat Congregate Living Center. Please review the details of each program to see if you or your family qualify. Be advised that all housing sites under the Vernon Housing Authority are subject to a waiting list at this time.  

Public Housing and Congregate Housing Waiting Lists are OPEN! Click here to request an application