Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

How to Apply
Notice to Potential Applicants:
Applications for the Section 8 Program can ONLY be accepted after the Housing Authority has announced that the "Waiting List" is "Open". When Vernon Housing Authority opens the waiting list, it will be announced on this website, advertised through public notice in the local newspaper and at 2-1-1.

The Section 8 program is a federally-funded program that provides rental assistance for very low-income families in the private rental market. The Housing Authority and the program participant each pay a portion of the rent to the Owner of the property.

VOUCHER HOLDERS select a unit from the private rental market. Rental assistance makes market rate housing affordable. Assistance is based on a formula, but program participants normally pay no more than 40% of adjusted monthly income toward rent and utilities.

Please click here for other important information regarding eligibility, roles and responsibilities and contacts, etc.

What Tenants Need to Know

The following is a series of items that are important for residents of the Vernon Housing Authority to be fully familiar with. Please take the time to review them.

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Applicants must meet certain requirements in order to participate in the housing programs of the Vernon Housing Authority.

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Section 8

The Section 8 program provides assistance for low-income families in the private rental market through the Housing Assistance Payments Program.

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