Grievance Procedure


Grievance Procedure

  • Step One:  Resident submits a written request for an informal review, stating what the issue is and any action taken as of the request date;
  • Step Two:  An informal review will be scheduled with the Manager of the Program and/or the Executive Director;
  • Step Three:  A written summary of the meeting will be sent to all parties;
  • Step Four:  If there is no resolution at the informal review, a written request for a formal grievance is submitted by resident citing the reasons for the grievance and the relief sought;
  • Step Five:  A Grievance hearing is scheduled
  • Step Six:  The written decision by the hearing officer is sent to all parties.

Situations where there are NO rights to the grievance procedure:

  • Criminal activity that threatens the health or safety of other residents;
  • Any violent or drug-related activity;
  • Issues with other tenants

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